I’m Heather.

If you’re looking for personalized guidance for your skin, relaxing and therapeutic massage, a guide to help you find greater clarity and balance in your life, or education and support for getting your health on track… I’m devoted to helping you cultivate more peace, self care and vibrant health.

Finding Balance & Healing

Holistic Skin Care.  Blissful treatments for healing, balancing and educating you to learn the language of your skin.  See more >>>

Well Life Coaching.  Clarify your ideal life vision, implement a plan to make it happen, clear the way for creating your best you.  See more >>>

Therapeutic Massage.  Alleviate and prevent pain, feel grounded, replenished, with a relaxed body and a peaceful mind.  See more >>>


Heather Wade Mills wants to live in a world where everyone’s empowered to live a life that feels inspiring, creative, and meaningful. She wants her days filled with soulful, loving connections to friends, family and the clients she serves, lots of laughter and beautiful adventures, and dance parties that start earlier so she can still get to bed before 11.

As an Esthetician (2001), Massage Therapist (1999) Health Coach (2010), and Well Life Coach & Illuminator (2018) she has provided countless clients with therapeutic treatments and guidance. She is a self-proclaimed “geek” for learning everything she can related to holistic healing and optimal wellness. In addition to her personal practice in NW Portland and work at Loyly she works with a non-profit organization providing workshops and supporting training, she’s an educator for Evanhealy skin care, she offers continuing education to estheticians, leads small group workshops, and does some freelance copywriting related to wellness and skin care.

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Summer Skin (Part 2)

As a teenager, I had a boyfriend who insisted that sunscreen was just a marketing gimmick to sell a product nobody really needed. For some reason, his denial of the valid use of sunscreen made me irrationally irate. So one day at the beach, I decided to put SPF on one-half of my upper chest …


If you have a question about what I do, if you want to be contacted about future workshops and other education opportunities, or if you have a specific challenge and you’re wondering if I’m the right fit for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact me using the form below or emailing directly.