Feel inspired to reach higher

Working with Heather was so incredible. She really has such a careful, quiet way about her, you just know that everything you say is being deeply heard and understood. I felt so important to her, and knew that she wouldn’t stop until we got to the root of my issues. She is so warm and caring in every moment – there is no fear or distrust, and not even the slightest hint of judgment. Heather holds such a clear vision for you, that you always feel inspired to reach higher, to push forward. I think Heather is an amazing coach, and working with her was an incredible privilege. If you struggle with trust or fear, or just are looking to work with someone who really cares about you, Heather is the coach for you. I can’t recommend her enough!

Heather Wells

The most beautiful, glowing skin…

I feel so incredibly grateful that I got to spend two blissful hours in Heather’s gorgeous treatment room receiving the most amazing facial anyone could ever ask for!  She uses organic products by Evanhealy and is so knowledgeable and passionate about skincare that I was able to fully relax knowing I was in the hands of a true professional.  Her gentle, soothing and rhythmic touch calmed my body, mind and spirit and I left with the most beautiful, glowing skin!  That was by far the best facial I have ever had!

Laura Phillips

Endlessly curious and open-minded

Heather possesses a rare and wonderful constellation of skills that I cannot recommend highly enough. Her knowledge of skincare, wellness, and bodywork is incisive and extensive. At the same time, Heather is also endlessly curious and open-minded. Her breadth of knowledge joins with a warm, radiant, and positive presence that makes learning from her an absolute joy. Her support, focus, and enthusiasm creates a dynamic space for clients and students to unfold and cultivate skills in their own way. As an esthetician, I learned more after two trainings with Heather than I did in my entire formal skincare education. She is a true inspiration!

Jessi Slavich

A massage that aids in healing

My husband and I have been receiving regular massages from Heather for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things about her. She is experienced, sensitive, responsive, and a pleasure to interact with in all aspects. I’ve had massages in many different places over the years and none compare! She has the ability to read what your body needs, listen to what you want, and the skill to deliver just that. Massage with her is something we look forward to each month. I’ve had a number of injuries and she is wonderful and respectful in how to give a massage that aids in healing.

Marcia Wood

Helped me immensely with my vision and set it into action

Heather has helped me immensely with my vision and set it into action! Her patience and guidance has brought me to organize the steps to start my flower farm! I don’t know what I could have done without Heather’s ability to breakdown my goals and projects, and to put them in the right order. I’m excited to continue working with Heather and achieve my dreams!

Lyndsey Tellez

It is my most relaxing hour of the month

My skin has long been a source of self-judgment. The acne on my face has held me back socially – it has kept me from holding eye contact, or from just feeling comfortable… in my skin. It’s even hard for me to seek help because I’m embarrassed. Though I’ve been to a few aestheticians and dermatologists over the years, I have never experienced anything like the care I receive from Heather. It feels like balm for my soul. Her calm, her warm acceptance, and her willingness to share from her own experience, let me know that she’s with me and not looking down on me from above. She works smoothly and seamlessly. With eyes closed and face covered, I’ve sometimes felt with others the shock of cold hands or a surprise touch near my eye that gives me a jolt. With Heather there’s never a surprise, never a stray drip, and it seems no detail is missed. Her work penetrates far past the skin, deep into my nervous system. It is my most relaxing hour of the month. And though I thought it would never happen, I’m delighted to say my skin has never been clearer.

Jeannie S.

A beautiful experience

Heather has magic hands and a warm heart. Her knowledge of skin care is extensive, and her facials are replenishing and delightful experiences. I have complete trust in her ability to give my skin what it needs, and she is always learning, adding to her knowledge and sharing with others as a colleague and as a teacher. Heather is a compassionate being who serves her clients with grace and intelligence and, as a result, has a very loyal clientele. I feel very fortunate to have found her a few years ago!

Erica Goldman

The perfect balance of professionalism and personal connection

I have had the pleasure of working with Heather over the last 8 years and I look forward to seeing her every time! She manages to strike the perfect balance of professionalism and personal connection. I feel she has a genuine interest and investment into my overall well-being.  Her wealth of knowledge about massage, overall health, nutrition and self-care is incredible. After spending time with her, I leave feeling relaxed and refreshed both physically and mentally. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Heather, she is so lovely.

Amy Leal

Truly a gift

Heather has the unique ability to listen deeply, uncover subtle inner obstacles and then guide you, lovingly towards a solution. Her approach allows you to feel held and empowered. Truly a gift.

Susan Fecko

Truly my favorite form of self-care

The first time I experienced a facial with Heather, I felt such a deep sense of relaxation I wasn’t sure I wanted to (or would be able to) ever get off the table.  After many years of study and practice, Heather has a deep understanding of the skin – how it works, what it needs and responds to. Beyond this pragmatic aspect, her touch and presence are incredibly healing.  The all-natural botanical products used in her esthetics practice have their own healing properties and definitely add to the multi-sensory experience. Following a facial with Heather, my glowing skin and spirit feel rejuvenated for days… this is truly my favorite form of self-care!

Brenda Peltier, devotee 🙂

Life-changing facials and mind-bending advice

Heather has a dynamic and intuitive connection to mind and body wellness. She is thoughtful, gentle and engaged, while leaving space for individual or varying needs and experiences. She balances supporting beauty and body care with guiding mindfulness and soulfulness. Without hyperbole, Heather has given me life-changing facials and mind-bending advice. She is a truly special human who cares for others with her whole heart.

Amie P.

Amazing prenatal massage and facial!

My prenatal massage and facial with Heather was amazing. My massage was just perfect in every way and my facial – insanely divine… seriously the most relaxing experience ever. She used all sorts of luxurious Evanhealy organic skincare products, and I walked away feeling incredibly refreshed. I will definitely be back soon!

Dayna M.

A game changing experience

Heather creates the kind of healing, beautiful space that allows your light to shine so brightly you can finally see everything as it really is. It is so amazingly helpful to have her guide you toward your truest self, asking all the questions that you wouldn’t have thought to ask, but then are so glad you did. Working with Heather is such a game changing experience, one that truly transforms you into the person you most want to be.

Kimberly Pendleton, PhD

Nutritional Coaching & Goal Setting with Heather

As a 60-something woman with arthritis and some chronic pain, I was referred to Heather Wade-Mills (Nathan’s amazing wife) by a mutual acquaintance because I wanted to hit the “reset button” for better nutrition, exercise and also for more discipline in achieving my goals, which included tapping in to my more creative and productive self. I spent almost a year, meeting up with Heather, talking, “hiking”, reading/discussing her support materials, doing exercises, journaling, even cooking together and obtaining a good chef’s knife and containers for all the chopped veggies and healthy food I was preparing. This is a longterm commitment, and I am now on a very good path to a more disciplined and healthy lifestyle — which includes finding time for my art — thanks to Heather.

Jeanne Schapp

It was so powerful

I recently had a well life coaching session with Heather that was so amazing, it kind of blew my mind. She helped me to see a pattern that I have been overlooking my entire life. This pattern has kept me stuck and playing small for far too long. I am so grateful it’s been revealed to me as I finally feel like I can start making the changes in my career and personal life that I’ve been wanting for quite some time now. We had a phone session and I didn’t really know what to expect but it lit a fire within me that has me feeling very motivated and much more free now! What I loved was that she knew how to hold space for me to figure it all out on my own… she didn’t fill in the blanks for me, she was there for me as I made the connections in my own mind which I believe is why it was so powerful. The “story” wasn’t mind blowing so much as the power it had over me and how freeing it has been since I now see how I can easily leave it in my past and move forward. It will likely always present itself again and again, trying to hold me back but I am aware now which helps it lose it’s power.

Laura P.


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