Skin Care

Cultivate a loving and nurturing relationship with your skin so it can guide you towards graceful aging and vibrant longevity.

Find Healing & Balance

I’ve been a Holistic Esthetician since 2001, and in that time I’ve learned how to nurture a wide variety of skin challenges towards healing and balance including acne, rosacea, dehydration, sun damage, sensitive, and over treated skin. My years of study and training in nutrition, biology, and wellness have informed my holistic and in-depth approach to help you navigate whatever changes, questions, or challenges might come up for you.

I’ll be your guide through the overwhelming world of skin care and give you easy, customized suggestions for simple daily care that will be pure pleasure to do and will keep you on track throughout the changing seasons, your shifting hormones, and environmental stresses.

I wholly believe that profound healing happens when you enter a state of deep, restorative, and therapeutic relaxation. This allows your body to naturally turn its attention towards repair, clearing away waste and toxins, soothing the nervous system, and regulating hormonal health. I place emphasis on creating space for you to float away while receiving a complete and therapeutic treatment.

What To Expect

Each facial treatment will typically include cleansing with facial steam, softening and deep hydration of the skin, gentle exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, optional extractions, and focused massage of the facial muscles, neck, scalp, shoulders, arms, and hands.

I’ll always customize my services to your skin’s individual needs and challenges using therapeutic, organic skin care products that are nutrient dense, minimally processed, and simple for the skin to utilize. I choose the products I use for their ability to heal, repair and prevent damage to the skin cells. I’m dedicated to supporting the use of skin care that supports organic farming practices, small family farms, and is 100% healthful for your body and the planet. You can read more about the products I use at

My goal is to help you love your skin, to know what’s best for it, and to listen to its messages that will guide you towards optimal health, graceful aging, and vibrant longevity.

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