It was so powerful

I recently had a well life coaching session with Heather that was so amazing, it kind of blew my mind. She helped me to see a pattern that I have been overlooking my entire life. This pattern has kept me stuck and playing small for far too long. I am so grateful it’s been revealed to me as I finally feel like I can start making the changes in my career and personal life that I’ve been wanting for quite some time now. We had a phone session and I didn’t really know what to expect but it lit a fire within me that has me feeling very motivated and much more free now! What I loved was that she knew how to hold space for me to figure it all out on my own… she didn’t fill in the blanks for me, she was there for me as I made the connections in my own mind which I believe is why it was so powerful. The “story” wasn’t mind blowing so much as the power it had over me and how freeing it has been since I now see how I can easily leave it in my past and move forward. It will likely always present itself again and again, trying to hold me back but I am aware now which helps it lose it’s power.