It is my most relaxing hour of the month

My skin has long been a source of self-judgment. The acne on my face has held me back socially – it has kept me from holding eye contact, or from just feeling comfortable… in my skin. It’s even hard for me to seek help because I’m embarrassed. Though I’ve been to a few aestheticians and dermatologists over the years, I have never experienced anything like the care I receive from Heather. It feels like balm for my soul. Her calm, her warm acceptance, and her willingness to share from her own experience, let me know that she’s with me and not looking down on me from above. She works smoothly and seamlessly. With eyes closed and face covered, I’ve sometimes felt with others the shock of cold hands or a surprise touch near my eye that gives me a jolt. With Heather there’s never a surprise, never a stray drip, and it seems no detail is missed. Her work penetrates far past the skin, deep into my nervous system. It is my most relaxing hour of the month. And though I thought it would never happen, I’m delighted to say my skin has never been clearer.